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Obituary - Teacher Ting-ming Tsang

Obituary - Teacher Ting-ming Tsang  (Apr-09)

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Subject: My dad's funeral

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, friends and relatives,
Ting Ming Tsang, my beloved dad, passed away, peacefully, yesterday morning in  Scarborough  Grace  Hospital at the age of 98.



He felt unwell in the evening of April 4 and we sent him to ER that night. After tests and imaging, he was diagnosed of pancreatic infection and therefore was hospitalized. The doctors did not treat him with medications other than those he routinely takes, but he was hooked up with IV, and urine catheter because for the past months his kidneys had been deteriorating. Except for fatigue and constipation he was just alright then. The next day, although the infection numbers rose substantially, his condition was stable, and we were relieved that he was already on the hospital bed. The third day he started to recover. By the forth day he was unhooked of the IV and catheter and was able to eat solid food. Everybody was so proud of him! Nevertheless on Thursday he felt a little short of breath and oxygen was given to him occasionally. It turned worse on Friday when he had to be treated with asthma medication as well as on 24 hour oxygen. Saturday night was most critical, but he was fairly conscious. Other than feeling weak and short of breath, he had not complained of pain. It must be mentioned that when he was first hospitalized, in view of his age the family has already confirmed with him his wish that in case of emergency he would choose comfort over reviving. It was with this baseline that increased but optimal dosage of drug was given to him the next day, and we knew that that day might probably be the best time to take my mom who, as you probably know, is not in sound health, to see him. At around 5:15 the following morning, the attending nurse called us to the hospital saying that my dad’s condition was no good and that he might not be able to make it this time. He was then pronounced dead at 5:40 am, dying peacefully of kidney failure.
 My dad has accepted Christ on the second day he was in the hospital. He has told me not to worry about him in case he could not make out, because he would see us one day in heaven - we are so thankful for the merciful hands of the Lord!
The funeral will be held on Monday April 20 at  Elgin  Mills  Cemetery in  Richmond Hill . Visitation will start at 2 pm and Service at 3 pm. Rev. Phillip Man Tam Kwok of Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church has kindly agreed to officiate the Service.  Elgin  Mills  Cemetery is located at the south west corner of  Elgin Mills Road East and Hwy 404. There are entrances on both  Leslie Street and  Elgin Mills Road . The Chapel is in the main building.
The funeral is held on weekday when many of you will have to go to work. We apologize for not being able to arrange it during weekend. We shall of course understand those of you who cannot attend the funeral. In the circumstances, your silent prayer for us will suffice and be very much appreciated.
With kindest regards.



Mr. Tsang (矮仔曾) was our Chinese teacher in the 50's, 60' and 70's or may even be 80's.

Gilbert Wong (Class 58)

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