History of DBS: Video of interview 09

DSOBA Dinner Talk With Mr. Fung Yee Wang (Class 1955) and Mr. Hanson Huang (Class 1968) – June 25, 2009

Unveiling the DBS History Book

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Video Clips:

Facebook “DB 測試” “Are you a DB boy challenge”; Hanson Haung (1968): “拔萃是一個學習做人的地方

2009: 拔萃140幾經波折終於誕生: “To Serve and To Lead: History of the Diocesan Boys’ School”

1869: 拔萃男書院的起源前身 The Origin of DBS (DFTS>DHO>DSO>DBSO>DBS)

為何叫拔萃” The Chinese Name of DBS

拔萃險遭殺校 DBS was almost aborted at its infancy

錯體校徽? The flawed School Badge?

1969: 拔萃首次全體學生民主投票表決校徽午餐時間 First all student vote for School Badge and Lunch Timetable

1939: 拔萃學生罷課抗議1/2: 愛國助貧擦鞋會 DBS Boys’ Strike part 1/2: Patriotic Shoe-shining Club

1939: 拔萃學生罷課抗議2/2: 集體驅逐罷課學生 DBS Boys’ Strike 2/2: Mass Expelsion

打藤-你今日打咗未? The Caning tradition

拔萃校長一貫作風創新The trend-setting style of the DBS School Principals

Speech Day 的起源Origin of Speech Day

周偉堂Thomas Chow (1954): Headmaster George She (施玉麒校長) - “I want you to come back”

1921: 拔萃舊生會的起源Origin of DSOBA (Diocesan School Old Boys Association)

拔萃鬼故 Ghost Stories of DBS

30 年前北京領導人已經聽過拔萃聖詩 DBS School Hymn Heard in Beijing 30 years ago

拔萃校歌 School Song vs 拔萃聖詩School Hymn

David Hon (1959): My Story at DBS with Headmaster George She (施玉麒校長aka豬肉皮)

1955: 拔萃學園祭的起源 Origin of School Fete

蕭卓明Maurice Siu (1989): My Story at DBS with Headmaster Jacland Lai (黎澤倫校長 aka 黎佬)

校帶演進(左傾還是右傾) The Evolution of School Tie (Left or Right)

馮以浤Fung Yee Wang (1955): Headmaster S J Lowcock (郭慎墀校長 aka 蝦餃佬) and the history of supporting the under-privileged student

郭慎墀校長基金 The Establishment of S J Lowcock Foundation

拔萃140書訂購 DBS History Book Order

拔萃舊生會會葉成基致謝詞Thank You Note from Desmond Yip President of the DSOBA


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