The DSOBA Charitable Foundation Limited (“CFL Trust”)

In recent years since possibly 2005, there has been a widespread sentiment amongst old boys that there is a need to assist boys who wish to pursue their dreams but cannot do so because of the lack of funds.  It is ironic that while DBS is developing a super campus second to none in the territory, enhanced development of its boys may have been somehow overlooked.  DSOBA decided to bravely step into this hiatus in 2009 and explore the idea of setting up a trust fund in aid of boys who may be in need of funds in the course of their pursuit of academic, musical or sporting excellence.

At round about the same time, several old boys donated to DBS seed money to start the S.J. Lowcock Foundation (“the Foundation”) in honour of our ex-headmaster.  The Foundation’s aim is to provide financial assistance to economically disadvantaged students of DBS to enable them to continue with their tertiary education either locally or overseas. 

The foundation was initially managed by DBS and the seed money was already used up by 2010 when the CFL Trust was honoured with the responsibility to administer the Foundation from 2010 onwards.  DSOBA quickly adopted the Foundation under its wings, which effectively becomes the first and flagship project under the CFL Trust.

To launch the CFL Trust, a charity gala premiere of the much acclaimed award-winning movie “Echoes of the Rainbow” was organized on 27th February 2010.  The tear-jerking masterpiece attracted 9 full houses at the Grand Cinema at the Elements and at the same time attracted $3 million in donation from old boys, parents and friends of DBS on the night.  Encouraged by the overwhelming response, the CFL Trust raised a further $1 million plus up to mid-2011.

The inaugural directors of the CFL Trust consists of a high court judge, 2 senior barristers, 1 solicitor, 1 accountant and 2 seasoned businessmen.  The CFL Trust also succeeded in getting tax-exemption status in Hong Kong commencing March 2011.


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