Dear DSOBA members,

Notice is hereby given that the outdoor swimming pool will be open for all DSOBA Sports Club members on Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. commencing from14 June 2015 to 31 October 2015.

The outdoor swimming pool will be closed when Red / Black Rainstorm warning or Typhoon signals No.3 or above is announced by the Hong Kong Observatory on or before 7:00am of the same day.


Edwin Morris

Sports Committee

It is with great pleasure I hereby announce inception of DSOBA Cricket Team.

Over the years we had many old boys asking us about cricket team and finally with help of DSOBA we successfully have cricket team now. A special thanks goes to Mr.Lewis Yeah (team adviser) & Mr. Eddie Tse (Convener) for getting us together and forming the team.

With any sport & team, participation is very important, we need support from all you cricket lovers out there to come join us for training and games of cricket team. It doesn’t matter how good or rusty you are, your participation alone is what matters the most.

Our short term objective is to have pool of players to train together and play few social league games. We will be practicing bi-weekly basis at USRC

Please e-mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at or simply join our DSOBA Cricket team facebook page

Best Regards


Faisal Mohammed (Class of 1997)


Dear DSOBA members,

DBS Athletics Club ( DBSAC ) will be competing in this year's Hong Kong Master Athletics Championship to be held in the Wai Chai Sports ground on Sunday, 2nd November,2014.

The detailed event schedule will be announced when it draws closer to the race day. The competition is open to participants ( HKAAA members only ) aged 35 or over, with each 5 years constituting one age group:- M35 (35-39). M40 (40-44). M45 (45-49) and so on...

In addition to individuals competing in their chosen events, this year the organizer has decided to add two title trophies for teams/clubs that gain the most total points...very much like the inter school athletics championship. We anticipate that there will be many other clubs competing in this annual athletics championships. Among them are: The South China Athletics Association, The citizens Athletics Association, Watson Athletics Association, to name a few.

The DSOBA has arranged for regular old boys basketball gatherings at the school gym on every Sunday (except 29th September) from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please feel free to come play with the brothers and have fun!

For more information please contact Gary Poon on 96564926 or Sonia Huen of DSOBA on 27135268.

Volleyball training is held every Sunday from 4-6pm at DBS Gym.  During one of the trainings in December, our honorable Mr. Yung came to coach us.

We will be having our 1st friendly match against LSC old boys on this coming Sunday (20th Jan) at 4pm in our gym.  Come to cheer for us!

Men’s Hockey Team It has been a challenging season so far for the Hockey team, with several injuries, in addition to work and school related commitment leading to the occasion under for the number of players on the pitch.  The team has maintained good spirit and keeping together well to hold our standing in the division. The first half of the season ended on Dec 9th, with DSOBA team taking a win to wrap up in 2012. We are again off to a good start in 2013, winning the first match on Jan 6th.  The team is confident to pick up and move forward with better results as we go into the second half of the league season, from now till end of April.   We are calling to all Old Boys who are interested to join the team, or to come out to show support on the pitch!   Let’s Go DBS!


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