Obituary - Chan Kwok Keung 72


According to the newspaper this morning, we have just lost another good DBS old boy, Chan Kwok Keung. We used to call him "波王" in DBS He was born with natural curly hair. Sometimes, you might see him in media press conference. If you are a Featherstone member or active in sports, then you must know this 波王, a very good in soccer player. Our Martin Lam "猴子" and Laurence Chan "田中", both Featherstone members would definitely be one of Mr. Chan's  close teammates in house soccer competition. SK Chan was also a Featherstone member but he was not good in soccer if compared with them. I was also  one of "波王" soccer teammates in some friendly school soccer matches with other schools in 1969 Centenary Year.  


Our Philip already mentioned about the health problem of "波王". Mr. Chan was 55 and was a superintendent of HKSAR Police Force. Our deepest condolence to his family !

Class Agent, Class of 73

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Contributed by Rex Ho '76


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