Hello DBS and ALL

From the pages ancient history I emerge  when I perchance through the good offices of modern technology I happen upon the DBS memorial plaque at DBS
George She, good friend of father's, was the person who arranged for me to be boarder at DBS at the age of ten when I was getting a little too "old" to be at St.Stephen Girl's College with the girls and all that.  Those were happy days with CBR Sargent MA as Headmaster, there were masters Mr. Prue, Mr Thomas (our class master) Mr Crawford and the Matron of course who was strict and kept us all disciplined.

We ran the big field - 100yard sprints may be, played marbles, tip top, and ate at the dining hall, I slept at the small boy's dormitory with Denham Crary as the prefect watching us.  Inspections at night came often from Mr. Monks.  We were caught playing cards under the blanket a few times leading to the headmaster's cane on Saturday morning.   The registrar was a Mr. Mugford.

Later Rev George She also arranged for me to transfer to be boarder at St. Stephen's Boys at Stanley.


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