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HK Institute of Architects annual awards 2008

HKIA Merit Award of Hong Kong

HKYWCA Conference Centre and

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Daniel Chang

Samuel Hsu ( that giant from F5C who also swims), Ted ( man's best friend who has a big mouth) and Patrick Choy ( you know the Choy Longevity who also runs)went to visit with Mr. Lowcock in Sai Kung in the afternoon and picked me up on the way in for the gathering in the school. They have a good photo taken of Mr. Lowcock and I wonder if they can share it on the email with us.


David T Fung, West Vancouver

It was truly wonderful to see in person so many familiar faces after 45 years.  Although every one of us has ¡§matured¡¨ way beyond the youthful looks in the old class pictures, the mannerism and likely the associated personality for many of those present at DBS on Nov 9 did not appear to have changed significantly.  There is an interesting life long story behind each of these faces.  There was not enough time over the short reunion to begin exploring those stories.  If you pass through Vancouver in your travels and have time to share a meal, please advise me by e-mail and we shall see if a mutually convenient time and venue can be arranged.

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