2006 Nov 4
Diocesan Boys' School

"The Spirit of DBS- Pride in the School, sense of belonging and loyalty, manifestation in later life of values acquired in school days, are defining factors for our DBS Tradition and Spirit. Cheering for DBS by our boys at the Annual Inter-School Athletic Competition was one of the crowning moments for expressing our DBS pride and loyalty, of no less significance in contributing to our DBS Tradition than the athletes themselves, who gave everything they had in their quest for the glory of DBS."



Received from Winnepeg, Canada. Apr 2006.

Friend & Schoolmate Daniel,

So good to know you're alive and well, thinking of your old schoolmates. As you may well know, DBS Old Boys are the finest people on earth, but most don't ever write, even with the modern convenience of e-mail. I guess it's because we were brought up half-a-century ago. We made copies by hand. We even wrote lines -- a hundred times -- by hand.

By this e-mail, I hope my DB/GS Schoolmates in Canada, U.S. and elsewhere will voluntarily get off their rocking chairs to send you some photos that I haven't even seen. I will personally follow up with a few who might keep photos of their class reunions here and abroad.

One question I'd like to raise is: When do you think DSOBA will make an honest attempt to reach out and include overseas Old Boys, so we may get back into the swim of DBS family affairs again? If you have neither seen nor heard much of overseas Old Boys or Old Girls in recent years, I assure you that we're not dead yet. Better hurry.

Best from Robert Sung Kien-Tung, DBS'55


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