Dear Fellow DBS boys,
Upon learning the news, I managed to make a quick visit to Toronto this weekend and joined my classmates (as shown from left to right: Daniel, Joseph, Manson, William, me and David) in attending the service at R. S. Kane at 6150 Yonge Streeton Sunday afternoon.  We met with Jimmy Farrington (he is a DBS boy but a good 10 classes or so behind us…

Class 78 Gathering 08

Hanif Barma was in town during the holiday season to celebrate his parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Classmates were notified for a dinner gathering at Portland Café, owned by a couple of DBS boys, our classmate Casam Li being one of the owners.


Portland Cafe soft opened 10/6 and grand opened 10/29. Managed and co-owned by Albert Cheung '83 and Casam Li '78. The Portland Cafe is not your everyday local 'cha tsan teng', aside from local and western breakfast, lunch is a good mix of perfectly balanced dishes such as seafood and lobster e-noodles, hainan chicken rice, 牛坑腩飯and daily sets. Stir-fried crabs with shrimp roe, claypot fish blubber with sea turtle and seafood hotpot with premium Australian AA sliced beef is enough to make anyone's mouth water. 

Portland Cafe


Hugo Hui class of 1978 is listing his company (033) in HK.

 十 友 今 招 股 入 場 費 3030




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