DBS Wins Interschool Athletics 2010

The Inter-School Athletics Competition Finals was held on 12th March 2010.  Once again we have captured the overall champion for the seventh consecutive year, as well as capturing the A Grade and C Grade Champion.  Congratulations to all our athletes who have worked so hard to achieve this result.

DGS was also champion in the girls division.

photos courtesy of DBS.

Scroll down for summary by Norman Lo (78)


C Total
DBS 171 157 147 475
LSC 124 171 136 431
HPCCS 77 110 77 264


School A B C Total
DGS 180 142 143 465
GHS 172 137 149 458
HYS 82 131 74 287

Summary by Norman Lo (78)

This is a summary of this year's Interschool Athletics Championship.  After 2 days of intensive competition (day1 and 2), we were 8 points behind our archrival LSC in the overall.  As I had mentioned in my previous e-mail, both school had the chance to win the coveted Overall trophy.

Day 3 was warm and humid, and it was much better than the weather at day 2 which was freezingly cold.  We performed superbly in the morning gaining as manly points as we can in A 400 hurdles, triple jump, B high jump, 200, 800 and hurdles, not to let LSC widen the lead.  After the morning events, we found out that we were only 2 points behind in the quest for the overall champ!  At the afternoon events (100, 400 and 1500), our athletes also performed brilliantly and began to take the lead in the overall before the relays.

Then an expected accident happened to the LSC B 4 x100 relay, they dropped the baton during the exchange between their 1st and 2nd leg; although they could still completed the changover within the takeover zone, they could only finished the race a distant 8th.  Last year, LSC had their C 4 x 100 relay team dq for stepping into the neighbouring lane during 3rd and 4th leg change over.  It is curious as in the past DBS 4 x 100, relay teams were notorious for dropping relay batons and exchanging outside the takeover zone, and LSC relay teams never committed such mistakes.

With our relay teams doing their utmost best, they came first in the C and B 4 x100, C and B 4 x 400 and second in the A 4 x 100 and 4 x 400, we made a huge come back and won the overall champ by a handsome 44 pts for the seventh consecutive year.  Results as follows:

A                            B                              C                           Overall

1st   DBS      171          LSC     171           DBS         147          DBS       475

2nd  LSC      124          DBS     157           LSC         136           LSC       431

3rd  CGHC   121          SJAC   110           SJAC         77           SJAC     264

4th   HPCCS  89          HPCCS  65           CSWCSS 65           HPCCS  215


CGHC Chong Gene Hang College HPCCS Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School

SJAC St Joesph Anglo-Chinese School  CSWCSS  Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School

Details are available at the website: www.hkssf.org.hk

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