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Feb 09

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. Attn to:     School Committee of DBS
From:    Elizabeth Chan
Date:    11 February 2009        

In regard of the press reports today on the topic of DBS’s IB Class, as a witness during the whole press briefing and luncheon together with Headmaster Terence Chang and the press yesterday, I would like to clarify that Headmaster Chang did not say anything that the School has already confirmed to accept girl students for its IB Class as what had reported on some Chinese newspapers. Mr. Chang only said that the School will consider the possibilities of whether to accept girl students in the IB Class and the decision will make depending on if there were enough and appropriate facilities for the girls, etc. and the School will also consider the views of our old boys as well.

At the same time, we had also issued a press release to all participated media yesterday and we had a very clear message on that. Attached please find the original press release for your information.     

I would like to state that Headmaster Chang had expressed a clear message during the press briefing yesterday, however, and I am sorry to find some of the media was misunderstood and had wrong reports on it. In fact, it is not rare that press has wrong reports on everyday news, media received complaints very often.

I have just drafted a press statement to clarify our position and seek your comment and endorsement whether it is appropriate to send it to related media later today.

Thank you for your attention

Best regards
PR Consultant

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