Volleyball Reunion 08

On Dec. 6 2008, against better judgment and senses, over 20 of our old boys gathered at the beautiful new gym for a game of volleyball (some admitted that they had not touch a volleyball for over 25 years, according to a Mr. S Leung 83'). Yung sir was kind and patient enough to umpire through about 10 matches while marveled at the amount of body fat presented on court.

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Some wives and kids were on standby along the sideline looking like they would jump to administer CPR to their loved ones should the need arise. But that caring gesture turned out to be an overreaction because all participated with the vigor and vitality of those younger years when the school team vest was only a white, round neck (Yung Sir would not allow any other style)T-shirts with the school name and numbers silk-screened on them. A wine dinner, of course, immediately followed at ½ðÁú´¬ but not before Joseph "Fat Ball" Tse drained out his remaining energy by attempting to touch the bottom of the basketball backboard."


Tony Ho 83'

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