Yeung Kai Yin (57) ex-Chairman of KCR passed away on 9-Feb-07.

前九鐵主席楊啟彥病逝 (星島) 02月 09日 星期五 03:30AM

(星島日報報道)患病多時的前九鐵    主席兼行政總裁楊啟彥,終於敵不過病魔前熬,昨晚八時在瑪麗醫院與世長辭,終年六十六歲﹔與楊啟彥屬好友的特首曾蔭權,昨晚在楊彌留前曾經到醫院探訪他,對於失去共事多年的同事,曾蔭權表示感到十分惋惜,又讚揚楊啟彥在政府服務期間,全心全力服務香港。


Michael N. Harilela, DBS Old Boy(64) passed away suddenly on Feb 1st here in Hong Kong. 

For those who wish to attend the ceremonies, please note the following:
Saturday Feb 3rd: 4pm to 6pm - Body posing at the Harilela Mansion, 1 Durham Road, Kowloon Tong.
Sunday Feb 4th: Funeral service and cremation.

Details can be found in Saturday and Sunday SCMP as well.

Manoj Dani, Class of 1987

Peter WH Mark (Class of 1951), aged 76 years, beloved husband of Anne, devoted father of Gerald (deceased), Karen,  Sharon, and Jonathan, passed away peacefully on 25 January, 2007.

Funeral service was held at the Hong Kong Funeral Home, North Point on Thursday, 1 February, 2007. Burial will talke place in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

From: Wini & Brian
Date: Jan 28, 2007 11:59 AM
Subject: My late father- Eric Fox's funeral

Please note that the service for Eric G. Fox's (class of 51) funeral as follow:

Funeral Home: Glenhaven Memorial Chapel ( 1835 Hastings, Vancouver)
Date: Febuary 3rd, 2007
Time: 9:30am

If you or any of the D.B.S. old boys need further information, contact
me at 604-317-0918.
Brian Fox

With profound sadness I write to inform you that Frank Ma '77 passed away
this morning (28th November, 2006).

For months he had put up a good fight against the cancer. We all
hoped against hope that he could pull through once again or at least
delay the inevitable. After a Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by
friends and family the illness finally gained the upper hand. He was
apparently in little pain, but slipped away quietly in his sleep this

Frank is survived by his mom, his brother Bill, and his beloved wife

Daniel Ng '77 in San Francisco


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