From Henry Chan (Class of 87)

Goodbye - Chow Sir, Uncle, 師兄 - Henry Chan - Class 87

When I was a kid, I never understood why my parents called Uncle Chow "Chow Sir".  Could he be a police? I never asked. I thought "Sir" must be someone highly regarded.  Or perhaps someone really kind.

I entered DPS and became a good friend of Arthur, Uncle Chow's youngest son. We played numerous illegal football matches in his parking lot without me knowing probably the best DBS footballer ever was actually the master of the house.   Of course, lacking the same technique and precision, attempts to shoot without hitting any cars were mostly unsuccessful.

We reconnected at the DSOBA AGM in 2011 when I ran for office. It was a strange feeling to sit down with him first time ever as fellow old boys.  I didn’t know whether he voted for me that evening or not but at least he seemed to have brought me luck.  Uncle Chow was very supportive of my first major project for DSOBA, the publication of Next Steps.  Then we were singing together in the Old Boys' Choir.  He told me many DBS stories of his times.  I wish he were there when I was at DBS so I could learn more from him how "to serve and to lead".  Yet the most inspiring aspect was his strong drive to help the poor and deprived.  He was physically in China all the time, delivering cash and materials to the needy in remote areas where most of us would never dare to go. "That under Thee we may possess man's strength to comfort man's distress".  Yes, Chow Sir had indeed selflessly put that into action.

Thank you for all your kindness and inspiration, and Goodbye
-  Uncle, Chow Sir, 師兄

Henry Chan
Class of 1987

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