In memory of Thomas Chow Wai Tong - Horace Chan (Class of 66)

In memory of Thomas Chow Wai Tong - Horace Chan

Indeed with extreme sadness to acknowledge the passing of a
dedicated teacher, a dear freind and a supper supportive Old Boy.

Chow Wai Tong was my Geography teacher from Form 3 to Form 5.  We were very
used to address by his full Chinese name ...strangely no nick name for's rare !  He then became a dear freind after my graduation in
the late '60.. Fast forward to early July this year.... after my drinking
in HM Terence Chang's party he kindly offered a ride home for me & my
wife. It seems just like yesterday. Life is so fragile & vulnerable !!!

Chow Sir's DBS lineage is incredible. His father was a cook in the Sargent
era and as such he apparently was one of the very few current old boys who
had actually met HM Sargent. He was also one of the very few Old Boys who
could claim to also be a DGS student as he did participate in the short
operated  " DGS co-ed programme"  initiated by HM George She in the 1950s.
His wife, Mrs.Kathleen Chow, was a DBS teacher in the 1970s.

After retirement Mr.& Mrs.Chow had relentlessly been performing community
services in China. He himself has continously been an anchor character in
our Old Boys community. His very latest participation with DSOBA was
becoming the most senior member of our Old Boys Choir. Typically him...he
seldom missed rehearsals.  In the upcoming mid October Asia Pacific Choir
Games in Indonesia our Choir shall inevitably have to compete with Thomas
Chow in our hearts. Our Choir is looking forward to sing in his honour
in the Memorial Service.

Chow Sir will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and  prayers are with Mrs.
Chow and his Family.

God Bless !


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