Farid Samy (75) - Obituary

Our dear friend Farid Samy passed away at York Hospital in Toronto on April 7, 2012 at 3:30PM. As it was his wish to have a Muslim funeral, services took place the following day starting at 11:30AM with viewing/visitation at the Mosque (Islamic Foundation of Toronto), then prayers at noon, and finally burial at York Cemetery (Section 20/Plot 1392) by 1PM.

The following is an excerpt from Farouk Samy’s (his older brother) message:

“I wanted to let you know that my brother, Farid passed away peacefully last Saturday April 7. He never recovered from his coma. It would have been 2 years this month in a coma state. Our family is grateful that his suffering has now ended. Farid was buried Sunday in accordance with Islamic rites which required burial to happen within 24 hours. I miss him and I am sure you too as well. Farid hadn't really changed from the time he left DBS to the time before he had the coma. He was still the Farid you all knew him - fun, joker, life of the party. He always reminded me that there is a child within us no matter how old we are. I hope you all have fond memories of him.”


Submitted by Russell Yeh (74)

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