Obituary - Iu Pui Hung (73)

A sad news came just one month after our 73's Reunion. 
Iu Pui Hung, Christopher was in the school swimming team and member of Piercy House. His brother is Iu Pui To (64). Mr. Lowcock discribed this extraordinary breaststoke swimming style as " fantastic style" during the assembly.

We hear with sadness of his sudden passing away.



Dear friends and family,

My beloved husband, Christopher, has passed away peacefully in hospital on the night of 14th January 2009.  As you all know, he has had this illness for years but it never affected his quality of life.  At the end, he was surrounded by friends and families and suffered no pain.  I want to thank you all for your support and encouragement during the time of his illness and please know that Chris left this world without any worries or unfulfilled wishes. 

As a devout Buddhist, it was always his desire to follow the path and teachings of Buddha and so, may we all wish Chris a swift arrival to Pureland.  

His funeral will be held on the 1st February 2009 in Summerville Funeral Home in Nerang on the Gold Coast.

His loving wife,

Sandy Iu


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