William Hill (62) - Obituary

Message from Rosemary and Anthony (widow and son of William Hill): 

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from the DBS community. There are simply no words that can express how thankful we are for the donations of money, time, counsel and many other things that have helped us during this time. My Dad was very proud of his alma mater. As much as he was part of DBS, DBS was part of him. I was never able to fully grasp his deep connection to the school until now, however I feel blessed to finally experience why it meant so much to him. My dad is remembered for his speed, and I know that he was very proud to witness the speed at which the DBS brotherhood rallied around to help him in his hour of need.
Dad passed away peacefully while I told him stories of his life; recounting how proud both we and the broader community were of everything that he was. A father, a husband, a friend, a champion.


William Hill passed away in Hong Kong on 27-Jul-2020.

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