DSOBA Mission and Objectives

Dear Members of DSOBA


We are writing to you in light of recent events in Hong Kong.  DSOBA is a fraternity of DBS old boys with a history of almost 100 years. Under our constitutional document, our objectives (amongst others) include, the fostering and maintaining of contact between, and promoting and encouraging social interaction among our members.  

“Our mission is to unite DBS Old Boys Worldwide, to promote and perpetuate the DBS spirit, fostering love and trust among our brotherhood, supporting the School’s mission, and together making valuable contribution to society.”

We firmly believe in building unity through harmony and hence we denounce all forms of violence.  We respect our members’ right to express their views in their personal capacity. However, we would urge you that for the sake of the unity of the DSOBA and the well being of our School, if you are to make such expression, please make clear that such expression is made in your personal capacity and does not represent DSOBA or its members.


Yours sincerely


Jerome Leung

President of DSOBA


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