School Sports Facility Use

The use of School sports facilities has always been one of the many privileges of DSOBA members.

We have observed an increase usage of sports facilities on Sundays by old boys. In order to be fair to all members and to maintain clear tracking of all members using the facilities during the pandemic, we would like to reiterate the following rules regarding the use of School sports facilities on Sundays after discussion with the School:

Only DSOBA members (full or trial members) are allowed to make reservations of sports facilities at DBS.

All participants using sports facilities are required to complete

  • (i) pre-registration; and
  • (ii) online health declaration form

DSOBA member who has made the booking must show up on the day of booking
Full name list of participants is to be submitted along with the reservation form prior to the use of facilities.

Each DSOBA member can bring along immediate family members ONLY.

DSOBA reserves the right to revoke concessions accordingly.

Please be reminded that School security has the right to deny the entering of school premises and parking at school campus unless prior registration has been submitted and accepted.

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