HK Masters Athletics 2014

Dear DSOBA members,

DBS Athletics Club ( DBSAC ) will be competing in this year's Hong Kong Master Athletics Championship to be held in the Wai Chai Sports ground on Sunday, 2nd November,2014.

The detailed event schedule will be announced when it draws closer to the race day. The competition is open to participants ( HKAAA members only ) aged 35 or over, with each 5 years constituting one age group:- M35 (35-39). M40 (40-44). M45 (45-49) and so on...

In addition to individuals competing in their chosen events, this year the organizer has decided to add two title trophies for teams/clubs that gain the most total points...very much like the inter school athletics championship. We anticipate that there will be many other clubs competing in this annual athletics championships. Among them are: The South China Athletics Association, The citizens Athletics Association, Watson Athletics Association, to name a few.

In March this year, the DBSAC sent a small contingent of 11 athletes to compete in the Taiwan Master Athletics Championship. Together with other clubs' members, DBSAC managed to capture the Men's overall title. Our 11 athletes accounted for half of the championship points in the Men's division!

By way of background, the DBSAC was founded by our beloved late headmaster, Mr. S. J. Lowcock, in 1969 with the objective of promoting athletics among the DBS current and old boys. After graduation, many treasure the opportunity to compete as a DBS team again and this also breathed new life into brothers who are at different stages of their lives. And not the least of all, we believe DBSAC' s activities allow many DBS brothers to age healthily and gracefully!

To date, DBSAC has approximately 25 athletes already signed up for competition, with ages ranging from 35 to 60s. The participant mix includes both the ex-athletes and rookies. Currently we are holding training session every Saturday morning beginning at 9 to 11:30 at the School field.

To quote Mr. S. J. Lowcock, “Championships are not won by a few star athletes but by the combined efforts of all.”

We are calling for more old boys to participate in the November Championship, to enhance and to secure our expected high chance of winning the Men's overall title. Boys, this is the Old Boy's version of "Inter-School Athletics" and a rare opportunity for us to compete in a DBS vest.  If you are interested and have the courage to represent the School ONCE more, please contact the following persons or simply turn up for our Saturday training:

Mr. Simon Chan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or
Mr. Gerald Cheuk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Best regards from,

DSOBA President, Jerry Chang
Athletic Club President, Alex Ko
DSOBA Sports Committee Chairman, Edwin Morris


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