Legal Chapter inauguration

The objectives of the Legal Chapter are :

1. To foster better networking and communication amongst old boys practicing in the legal profession or working in a legal environment and deepening our common bond ;

2. To make available a contact database to facilitate access by other OBA members who wish to engage the services of old boys in the legal profession;

3. To set up mentor/mentee programs to provide guidance to current school boys of DBS interested to enter the legal profession including giving presentations to current boys to explain to them what legal work entails;

4. To promote and facilitate short-term internships or other placement opportunities for current school boys of DBS or arrange trainee-contracts or pupilage for boys who are law-students interested in entering into the legal profession;

5. To disseminate from time to time information, personal news up-dates, case precedents that the Legal Chapter in its absolute discretion deems relevant or of material interest to members ;

6. To arrange from time to time such social activities, seminars or invitation-only events as deem appropriate to foster closer bonding of its members; 

7. To arrange or otherwise facilitate cross cultural and cross professional exchanges and networking with other old boys working within Hong Kong and in other jurisdictions; 

8. To set up Rules & Regulations for the Legal Chapter.

Organizing Committee members :

The following persons have been seconded by the Convenor to be the first committee members ( “ the Committee ” ) to assist with co-ordination, organizing and facilitating the formation of the Legal Chapter, namely :-

1. Alan Lam ( 1970 ) Alan Lam, Yam & Pe; (" Convenor ")
2. Norris Yang ( 1968 ) ADR International Limited;
3. Frank Lee ( 1976 ) Vincent T.K. Cheung, Yap & Co.;
4. Selwyn Chan ( 1977 ) Alan Lam, Yam & Pe ;
5. Sammy Li ( 1989 ) Paul Hastings;
6. Nicholas Chan ( 1991 ) Squire Sanders;
7. Robin Yue ( 1991 ) Central Chambers;

Eligibility :

Any old boy of Diocesan Boys' School who is also a full member of the DSOBA and who either works/or studies in the legal profession or in a legal environment.




Legal notice: By applying to become a member of this Legal Chapter and our Linked-in group, you agree that we may collect, store and use personal data concerning you in connection with our school, our objectives and ancillary purposes. You can send an e-mail to our Linked-in data protection officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions on our personal data usage policies


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