S J Lowcock's way - Kenneth Sei, Former Sportsmaster

S J Lowcock's way

"Tell you what to do and never bother how you get the job done" gave those who worked for him full autonomy. Then a pat on the back made the job-well-done even more gratifying.

The humorous comments of this cantonese-speaking-gweilo always helped:
- At a general meeting, A PE teacher questioned about the fault/unfairness of the measuring system (in those days students were graded according to their age and height). He's the first one to react, " I agree.  Measure them while they are lying on the floor." After a burst of laughter, case closed.
- A team manager kept questioning our time-keepers about his athlete's time. SJL quietly whispered, "Why don't we give each  athlete a stop-watch and let them time."

When LSC's new school ground opened, they lacked the special javelin to use on the artificial turf. He let their javelin throwers practise at the small field. I recalled he talked to Ronnie Chan (our star javelin thrower), "Let's help them, coach them and beat them at the championship."

Mr. Casswell, the Director of PE Department, once told me, " Your Headmaster always sweats for POINTS." Every team member contributed a little to WIN.

Thank you for the fondest memory under your tenure. We will miss you.

Kenneth Sei,
Former Sportsmaster.
Vancouver, Canada

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