Sharing from Simon Tse, Former Teacher & Master-in-charge of the DBS Athletics Team


Simon Tse, Former Teacher & Master-in-charge of the DBS Athletics Team (1977 – 1993); currently resides in Vancouver, Canada:

I am saddened by the news of the passing of Mr. Lowcock, an eminent headmaster and an instrumental member of DBS and Hong Kong athletics, a man of real capability and passion. He had the love, respect, and admiration of people throughout Hong Kong.

I remember when I was a student teacher, I was so blessed to be recruited by Mr. Lowcock as a teacher right after my practicum at DBS, the top school among contemporaries. By working in DBS, I was able to have the necessary facilities and environment for frequent, intensive training so that eventually I was able to accomplish my personal goal of excelling in the event of High Jump in Hong Kong. It was my obligation to maintain the domination of DBS in Inter-school athletics. In fact my mission would have been much more difficult without Mr. Lowcock’s unceasing support.

Mr. Lowcock’s deep interest and vigorous support for athletics was reflected in his frequent visits of the school team training sessions, inter-school athletics competitions as well as Hong Kong track and field open meets. Every year, he joined us at the inter-school competitions, and sometimes he put his arm around the athletes’ shoulders, making some humorous or encouraging remark about their performance, helping the boys feel much more energized, confident and motivated to strive for the best.

His influence on DBS and Hong Kong athletics was enormous indeed, and I am confident there were few men more loved and respected. He was a powerful inspiration to those of us who had the privilege of knowing and associating with him over the years.

I admired him tremendously. I mourn the loss of this dedicated Headmaster, a great leader and a wise and kind friend.

He was very special, and he will always have a special place in our lives. He will remain in our memories forever.


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