A tribute to DBS boys! (09)


Alex Law, class of 71 director and screenplay writer did a shoot at DBS last Sunday , enclosed is an email beautifully written by his assistant director. Can you pass this on to the President and see whether he would like to circulate this letter and put it on our web-site.


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From: Nikki Lau
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 6:36 PM
Subject: Dear Boys...

My brother is a DBS boy.  He graduated many years ago.  I say “is” because once you’re a DBS boy, you never quite un-become one.  It never becomes past tense.  I think this is especially apparent after watching Director Alex Law in action during our first day of shooting at DBS yesterday.

. There is something quite special about filmmaking, the way it is able to capture: a piece of history, a part of someone’s heart, a sliver of memory.  One of our scenes yesterday was filmed in the French room.  The room itself was a complete surprise find during one of my many visits to the school.  The first time I laid my eyes on the room, I saw the camera there in its tracks, panning quietly across from left to right (in film speak we affectionately call it from finder to motor).

I want to thank all the boys and other members of the school who came to shoot and play with us this past Sunday.  There were about 20 of you.  The spirit of DBS is still very much endearing.  The boys were patient, and kind, and most of them quiet, and gently listened to instructions, and followed them well.  For that, we thank you sincerely.  We will be replicating the inter-house and interschool athletics meets in two scenes, and DBS boys in their glory at a speech and debate competition; I cannot begin to tell you how exciting this is as a loving tribute to DBS on the director’s part.

If you are reading this, it is because I have contacted you personally or we have crossed paths during one of my many casting sessions at the school.  I know all of your names by heart.  We have shot one full day at DBS, but there will be one more; and in addition, other scenes peppered throughout the rest of the production that will beg for the authenticity and grace of DBS boys, which cannot be found anywhere else but the real deal: all of you.  

On behalf of Director Alex Law and the entire crew of this film production, I would like to thank those of you who have already shown us your support, and if we may be so bold, ask for your continuous support, and the rest of you to join in the fun as well.  Please forward this to any and all current and old DBS boys that you know.  This is the power of the word of mouth, of strength in numbers.  I will be in contact with more information regarding shooting times for future dates.  Please feel free to email me or call me at 92400836 or Jay at 66820693 at any time.

So what is my connection to all of this, you may ask.  How do I know when I come across the best of the best?  It isn’t just because I am passionate about filmmaking and want to make this work.

You see, I am a DGS girl, too.

Nikki Lau
Assistant Director
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