Mr. Jimmy Lowcock, the Legacy of a Patriarch - Patrick Choy Kwok-Hung Class ‘62

Mr. Jimmy Lowcock, the Legacy of a Patriarch

Where does one begin to retrace the footsteps of a true giant? For me, it all started on a fateful day in 1960. Headmaster Lowcock, vigilant as always in tending to his flock, took me into his confidence when one day I caught his attention during my participation in the “street running” group. In his gentle but authoritative tone, I was easily persuaded to join the School Cross Country Team as an active sporting member of the newly formed Goodban House. 1961 began an adventurous year for me. I failed to manage a passing grade in English mandatory for the School Certificate Examination and my only hope was to seek the approval of the Headmaster to repeat Form Five. Even now, I still believe in second chances and apparently Mr. Lowcock did so too when he took me under his wings and welcomed me back as a fledging member of the boarding school so that I could consolidate my time for studies and athletic training. I was truly overwhelmed yet the shock came later. Just before the start of the 1961/62 school year, Mr. Lowcock told me he was appointing me as the Athletics Captain and a School Perfect. I was totally flabbergasted. All I could remember mumbling at that moment was “Can I make it?” His words, which have forever remained with me, were simply “You can do it and I’ll be there with you.”

1961/62 was a challenging year for DBS athletics. With the graduation of practically the entire A grade team, we were left with a group of rookies (including me) who were charged with the seemingly insurmountable task to carry on DBS’ ownership to the much coveted title of Inter School Athletics Champion. Training and more training were all we did throughout the seven months prior to the 1962 Championship and true to his promise Mr. Jimmy Lowcock was always there. The DBS team only scored two relay gold medals but thankfully lots of silvers and bronzes in the individual events, just enough to edge out strong opponents such as KG5 and La Salle to retain our title as the 1962 Champion. 1962/63 was another story. The rookies had fine tuned themselves and many became the acknowledged superstars in sports. The 1963 Inter School Athletics Championship saw the DBS team scored a landslide victory in all A, B and C grades, achieving one of the few enviable grand slams in DBS history.

I left my beloved DBS in the summer of 1963. The great man whose words have so long ago guided me throughout my youth and adulthood is no more yet I know his spirit will always linger in the hallowed hallways of DBS, constantly keeping guard over his flock. For all of us who were so blessed and fortunate to be touched by him, his memory will live on as the cherished cries of “DBS, DBS” will always echo in the fields of champions.

The many memories, thoughts and feelings written and shared by the old boys made me reflect on the privilege granted to me through Mr. Lowcock, to treasure the importance of motivation and uniting people on a common objective; to focus on doing the right thing so to maximize ones potentials. Borrowing my favourite line from my classmate Kenneth Wan—“It is really Mr. Jimmy Lowcock who inspired me to become who and what I am today.” Like many of us, we are forever indebted to you, Mr. Jimmy Lowcock. May you rest in peace in Paradise.


Patrick Choy Kwok-Hung Class ‘62

School Athletics Captain 1961-63,

School Perfect 1961-63

Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

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