Mr Jimmy Lowcock - Sum-Ping Lee (class 1963).

I will always have vivid and fond memories of Mr Lowcock.  He was a genuine and sincere man. He was generous, and very supportive of the students around him. His positive attitude and 'can do' spirit which so effectively radiated from him were rarely equalled.

One is remembered in this life not by how much you know, nor how much you own; but by one's character and integrity, and by how one has touched the lifes of other human beings. I know of very few people who have taught, nourished and inspired so many young minds in a most profound way.  I think Mr Lowcock must also have felt greatly rewarded. For the one who has brought sunshine to so many cannot but himself also shared a dose of the warmth and light. He has lived a full and wonderful life.

Sum-Ping Lee (class 1963)

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