DSOBA AGM 2016 - Agenda Updated

Dear Members,

Updated Agenda and Proxy Form of the AGM

Up to 7th June 2016 5:00pm, we have received nomination of only one member, namely Alfred Leung (Class of 1989), to fill the vacated offices of the General Committee.

The following current General Committee members have also put forward themselves for re-election.

Name + Cert. Year

1) Daniel Ma 1976

2) Jerry Chang 1980

3) David Lau 1988

4) Samuel Li 1989

5) David Wong 1990

For ease of reference, we have therefore updated the Agenda and Proxy Forms as attached. For the avoidance of doubt, both the Proxy Form previously circulated on 15th May 2016 and the updated Proxy Form will be deemed to be valid, if properly completed.

If you are using the Proxy Form previously circulated, please ensure you enter the names of the proposed General Committee members in the space provided, so that it is clear to as to whom you are voting for or against. 



David Lau

Honorary Secretary

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